Some years back I was renovating the staircase of my 1924 house with nice and hard ash wood. My dad told me it's the kind they use to make shovelhandles and broomsticks of. And by stupid and expensive mistake I ordered about twice as much wood as I needed for the stairs. In that same week I went to see Seasick Steve perform here in town. Apart from his music and show, the homemade guitars he used settled in my mind. Together with that surplus of beautiful broomstick wood...


Being an amateur guitar player, a designer and typical sheddy, I realised I could make a guitar like Steve’s myself. So, a few weeks later my first cigarbox guitar proudly rang out. And as it goes, I made another one. And yet another one; most of the time tearing earlier models apart to build new ones and learning more and more about them in every step. It was a road of failure and succes, and with every new guitar I built I saw improvements for the next one.


Meanwhile my normal sixstrings were gathering more and more dust; three or four strings tuned in a chord mean a huge relief in the difficulty blues guitar playing.


So now I guess it’s time to let other people feel the joy of playing this unique type of instrument. Especially for those who don’t have the possibilities or time to build one theirselves.

Play like hell and ring like a bell!
Play like hell and ring like a bell!